Learning the Lingo


Learning2 Leaders (L2Ls):

Each conference has a team of Learning2 Leaders who facilitate the conference. The Learning2 Leaders are the “face of Learning2” and are visible in all sessions. They are picked by the Learning2 Advisory and host school working together to make sure that the quality of presentations are to Learning2 standards and align with the conference theme.

Extended Session:

A 3-hour session led by Learning2 Leaders

Learning2Talk or L2Talk or Learn2Talk:

A 5-minute (or less) mini keynote delivered by Learning2 Learders

In a Nutshell:

A 45-minute summary of an Extended Session, led by Learning2 Leaders


A job-alike style grouping of participants. The cohort sessions are held once each day of the conference and are intended to help participants meet others in their field, as well as discuss the other sessions they attended so that they can learn from each other.


A very informal session where the participants facilitate the conversation. Participants will suggest topics and sign up (usually on chart paper) and rooms will be assigned just before the session. There is no leader of these sessions, it’s just a conversation about whatever topic is interesting to that group of people. Check out the wikipedia article for more.


a “traditional” conference session led by teachers or students. Participants do not sign up for these in advance and can come and go as they see fit. Usually these are more of a presentation style, because they are shorter (around 45 minutes), but some can be hands-on. Workshop presenters are Learning2 participants who want to share what they have been doing in their classrooms.


The group of teachers who organize Learning2: Madeleine Brookes, Simon May, Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino. The Advisory team runs the conferences and reports to the Learning2 Board.

Hosting L2 here at our school helped “put us on the map” for technology in Africa as well. We hired one person at the conference, and a couple of others later who applied to us because they knew we had hosted. It can be a big boost for a community in many ways.

Jim Laney

Head of School, ICS Addis Ababa

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