For the past decade Learning2 has aimed to leverage schools as change agents for the world. That gigantic aspiration comes from seeing what the amazing Learning2 tribe can do with time, connections, and a willingness to take risks.

The Innovation Strand is an opportunity for you to galvanize the support, expertise, and critical thinking of a community because we know that innovation thrives in the open.

Our learning spans across two extended sessions, intentionally bridges you with a multitude of perspectives in order to rethink an issue you want to unpack at your school. No matter what you are troubleshooting, defining, upgrading, or just about to embark on, this session will better equip you for that journey.

As a community we will work through a toolkit for change. This toolkit will extend beyond the session and will lay the groundwork for a continued conversation in the months to come.

*This session requires you to invest both of your extended session appointments with us. The return on that investment is for you to return to your campus with a clearer course of action and a continued map of future feedback conversations.

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