Harmonize Literacy and Technology (ES)


How our students immerse in text and writing has evolved, highlighting the need to integrate technology in literacy lessons so that students can develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively communicate and create content in a digital world.

In this session we will explore many strategies, apps and tools to develop exciting new learning opportunities.

We will get hands on with BookCreator, Puppet Pals and other literacy tools. You will create your own special effects story using Green Screen technology and we will attempt a Mystery Hangout/Skype with the intention of improving informational literacy from using maps and organising data.

We will analyse what makes a successful Digital Literacy Program and delve into specific examples of how technology can be used to facilitate learning, while enhancing the pedagogy of your Literacy Program.

About Patrick Phillips

Patrick comes from Ireland and has over 10 years experience both in the classroom and as a technology integrator. He is the Technology Coordinator at International School Manila and was previously at Western Academy of Beijing and International School of HCMC, Vietnam. He is a passionate educator with experience in all three divisions; Elementary, Middle and High School. Patrick specialises with integrating fun, engaging, hands-on technology inspired lessons that motivate both teachers and students with innovative technology.  


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