Curating Your Classroom through Social Media

For ES and MS Teachers wanting to share their classrooms through social media

Just like curators, teachers are people who deal with an insane amount of content, knowledge, and events that occur in their classrooms, but want to share it in meaningful ways that will connect and spark interest with various groups of people such as parents, students, administration and, of course, colleagues. In a world where everyone communicates and shares through social media, why not bring social media into your classroom to share what’s happening in your students’ world but also teach your students the power and reach of social media?

In this session, we will explore various social media mediums, the groups that they best appeal to and work for, and how to curate our classroom content and happenings for those platforms and audiences. Session participants will also learn how to design logos and headers for the social media sites they will use to share their classroom. This session is all about capturing and sharing our classrooms and the amazing things that happen in there every day in a genuine way in order to create connections with authentic audiences and learn how to utilize social media productively.

Session participants will need to bring a laptop or tablet, and have an application where they can design logos and headers like Keynote, PowerPoint, or Canva. Participants will also need to have photos, videos, or student work from their classroom that they would want to feature on social media. Participants who have little experience with social media will benefit most from this session, but those familiar and comfortable using social media in the classroom are encouraged and welcome to this session as well.


Audience: ES and MS Teachers wanting to share their classrooms through social media

About Ana María Gach

Ana María Gach is a Google Certified Innovator and Digital Media Teacher at the Singapore American School who teaches photography, graphic design, and filmmaking to middle schoolers. She likes to think of herself as the Puerto Rican Miss Frizzle who enjoys connecting and learning with her students through creativity and inquiry.

Ana María loves geeking out over podcasts, graphic design, and pop culture and is excited to work with and learn from all of the brilliant educators making their way to Learning 2.

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