Getting Started with Project Based Learning (WS)

Project Based Learning can engage all students, but might seem a bit overwhelming to implement. Participants will learn how to get started with Project Based Learning ways that are manageable for both students and teachers new to PBL. Participants will examine sample project designs to learning essential components for design and brainstorm possible project ideas for classroom implementation.

Participants will engage in video analysis of sample projects, evaluate project “cards” using a checklist, and share questions at the beginning through a driving question to solicit participant questions or “need to knows.” While there may be direct instruction, participants will also engage in short pair or team discussions along the way. Participants will also create a project design idea.

Andrew Miller is an Instructional Coach at the Shanghai American School in China, coaching with an emphasis on Assessment, Project Based Learning, and Teacher Leadership. He also serves on the National Faculty for the Buck Institute for Education and ASCD.. He has worked with educators in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Kuwait and the Dominican Republic. Andrew is an avid blogger and writer for a variety of organizations including ASCD and Edutopia.